Born in London, based in Barcelona, Mabel defines herself as a freelance makeup artist and hair stylist for beauty and fashion. 


Her personal style is to combine skincare, art, and creativity to achieve fashion-forward beauty.

She started off her career in cosmetology and skincare, then moved on to makeup artistry, special effects, and hair styling. 

Available for editorial, advertising, commercial, runway, TV/film, and events.


Vogue Spain, Elle Indonesia, Elle Arabia, Marie Claire Argentina, Marie Claire Hong Kong, GQ Brazil, L'Officiel Baltics, L'Officiel Austria, Fucking Young, Nasty, Sicky, Neo2, Vein, Pansy, Solstice and more. 


Angie Couple, Sergi Padial, Sofia Brunet, Xenia Lau, Pipi Hormaechea, Iris Valles, Marc Camps, Geray Mena, Genís Mitjans, Isaac Calple, Vinyet Feliubardeló, Fabrizio Colque, Naelia Salas, Alex Domingo, Samoalive, Jaime Salom, Javi Dardo, Alejandro Brito, and more.